Quilt Tops Make Premium Quilts

Finishing a quilt top that someone has made over 150 years ago brings its own special satisfaction. The first five quilts featured were quilted by hand in Nova Scotia. Reproduction material was used for the backing and binding and high quality batting was used for the fill. Have a look and see how using “old UFOs” can indeed bring beauty to your home!

All of the quilts featured here are for sale and listed in the Traditional Patchwork section.

Before being hand-quilted.

Quilt tops available for finishing

Not all quilt tops for sale at Lang House, some have a different origin. This quilt was rescued from an antique store in Maine. It took special cleaning as it was a cover for a heavy layer made up of a whitish cloth and seven layers of old grey flannel sheets. I separated the top and used the inside material for making soft sculptures. It had a backing of period fabric sewn together. It was pretty rough but it provided material to make some patches. My sister, Hilda, is so talented that I cannot find the pieces that she made to replace some worn pieces. One block had been roughly cut out in such a fashion that one could only imagine it was done by an angry person. It is a lovely piece now that only needs backing and batting or finished to be a quarterpane (quilt without a bat).

A catalog of tops available for sale at Lang House (as of August 2019) is shown below.

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