Embroidery – a skill some ladies remember with fondness or not. Many quilts were adorned with embroidered blocks or the entire quilt (bedspread) was embroidered. The feature quilt shown above (in queen size) is the most exquisite example of embroidery using many colors.

The more simple quilt using only yellow and green is a double bed size ($600).

The 1892 red and white quilt has no accompanying provenance record but many have guessed that it comes from a “School Quilt” where students and faculty alike contributed their favorite topics to embroider. Books of patterns to choose from were available at that time. “EMS” quite possibly stands for “Emmanuel Methodist School” as there were several in New England during that time period ($1200)

The bordered red and white embroidered quilt is under re-construction but shown here to illustrate this beautiful art form (Not for sale).

Tropical birds embroidered onto a wall hanging (or child-sized quilt) show the sweet dedication of the needle master ($100)

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